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COVID-19 Impact

On Wednesday 7/14/2021, our website will reflect price increases on most products due to market volatility.

Market volatility, a bi-product of COVID-19, has quickly ravaged every sector of our industry. Transportation, fossil fuels, raw materials, and lead times are all affected by this ripple effect. 

A major resin shortage has resulted in heavy delivery delays from our domestic raw material manufacturer coupled with a substantial price increase. This is just one of many examples of how recent impacts require businesses to pivot.

Remaining proactive, we have doubled down on our procurement in the attempt to alleviate delays until shortages subside. However a price increase on most Street Edition products will be a downstream result as we cannot continue to absorb these costs and expect to remain viable. 

Possible shipping delays are also to be expected due to packaging material delays.

We truly appreciate everyone's understanding during these times.